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PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksCounter MusicCTR007HeartbeatFull02:24UrbanTrap, Electronic, Electronica, Synth, Synths, Pulsing, Urban, Beat, Beats, Female, Vocal, Vocals, Singer, Singers, Vocalist, Song, Songs, Lyric, Lyrics, Mid, Mid-Tempo, Medium, Tempo, Love, Lovers, Romantic, Promo, Promos, Relationship, Relationships, R&B, R, And, B, 'n', N, RnB, &, R'nB, R'n'B, Pop140, Medium
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksCounter MusicCTR004About The RainFull02:57ElectronicaAtmospheric, 2-step, 2, Step, Two, 2step, Garage, Dark, Male, Vocal, Vocals, Lyric, Lyrics, Strings, Electronic, Electronica, Children, Childrens, Children's, Voices, Eerie, Medium, Mid, Tempo, Mid-Tempo, Moody140, Medium
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracks
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksFlava Of The MonthFLAV036Swim DeepFull03:12PopFemale, Vocal, Vocals, Song, Songs, Lyric, Lyrics, Singer, Singers, Vocalist, Lush, Epic, Anthemic, Dreamy, Sexy, Sultry, Beautiful, Emotive, Moody, Promo, Promos, Touch, My, Body, Electronica, Pop, Electro, Electropop, Downtempo, Exotic, Erotic128, Medium-Slow
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracks5 Alarm Music 5A Series05A121All On MeFull03:30RockSensual, Dynamic, Building, Dramatic, Emotional, Emotive, Trailer, Romantic, Sexy, Dreamy, Electronica, Edgy, Mysterious, Late Night, Intriguing, Atmospheric, Intense, Powerful, Pulsing, Epic, Panoramic, Soulful, Promos, Suspense, Sophisticated, Lament94, Medium
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracks
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracks5 Alarm Music 5A Series05A120Mid City LoveFull03:30UrbanSoulful, Soul, Radio, Smooth, Vibrant, Feel Good, Upbeat, Uplifting, Love, Romantic, Sensual, Sexy, Rock, Building, Ballad, Chill, Relaxed, Dynamic, Heartfelt, Spring, Sentimental, Passionate, Emotional, Emotive108, Medium
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksWotNot MusicWTNT002Abscond And ProsperFull02:36DramaBuild, Electronica, Electronic music, Indie, 2010 Pop, Summer, Teen Culture, Voice Textures, Commercials, Building, Developing, Electronic, Synth, Ads, Advertisements, Jingles, Spots, Emotional & loving, Warm, Uplifting, Euphoric, Reflective, Nostalgic, Positive, uplifting, Dreamy, Hopeful, Sentimental, Feelings, Love, Emo, Romantic, Emotions, Caring, Sincere, Encouraging, Reverie, Introspective, Thoughtful, Introspective, Prudent, Deliberate, Longing, Moony, Trust, Confidence, Expectation128, Slow
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksCavendish MusicCAV351What Lies AheadFull02:36ElectronicaHip Hop, 2010 Pop, R&B, Romantic, Hopeful, Reflective, Warm, Lonely, SadMedium-Slow
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July 28, 2015
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